Senior Leadership

  • Jeff Radke

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

    Jeff’s 30+ year experience is widely varied, including responsibility for insurance and ceded and assumed reinsurance, working in the European, UK, Lloyd’s,...

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  • Chris Lee-Smith

    Head of Distribution and Co-Founder

    Chris’s 30+ year career has focused on the insurance industry, particularly the insurance intermediary market.

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  • Frank O’Neill

    Chief Underwriting Officer

    Frank’s 25+ years of experience have focused in the reinsurance market in areas of underwriting, relationship management and team building

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We work with a limited number of trusted MGA partners, we call them Members. Our Members are key to our mutual success and are chosen on a number of important criteria:

  • An established track record of profitable underwriting;
  • A management team we can trust;
  • An excellent portfolio of supporting brokers/agents;
  • A focus on smaller commercial clients with relatively low sums insured;
  • A like-minded approach to doing business;

By choosing the right Members to work with, we can build confidence by

  • Entering into a five-year capacity agreement;
  • Underwriting the entire portfolio of business written by a Member, where possible;
  • Not competing with the Members or their producers via other Distribution channels;
  • Relying on Members’ expertise and giving them authority and independence to meet customer needs as often as possible, as quickly as possible;
  • Responding quickly to any risks that are referred to us;
  • Supporting competitive, realistic rates driven in conjunction with Members;

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