Chelsea Perkins
Global Head of Claims & Legal
+44 (0) 7501 555 026
Matt Page
Claims Manager
+44 (0) 7798 873 193
Catherine Healy
Claims Manager
+44 (0) 7775 479 058

Accelerant understands the importance of the claims service and treating its customers fairly. At the core of the Accelerant Claims Philosophy is:

Quality & Integrity:  Delivery of specialist performance, while maintaining integrity, professionalism, pragmatism and commerciality.

Timeliness & Efficiency:  Paying covered claims promptly, based on the merits of each claim, considering the facts, policy, law and regulatory standards.

Partnership:  Working with best in class business partners to deliver our service.  Our partners adopt our Claims Philosophy and we ensure it is adhered to through claim handler assessment, key performance indicators, management information and audit.

Consistency: Applying our Claims Philosophy before, during and after a loss.

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